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Italian distiller, Antonio Benedetto Carpano documented the first vermouth recipe in 1786. While similar herb and spice infused, wines were enjoyed as early as ancient Rome, Carpano was the first to record a reliable, replicable method. He put the vermouth on sale in his Turin bar. From there, its fame grew and today, Carpano has become one of the most revered Italian Spirits.

Carpano Dry is the newest vermouth innovation form the legendary maker. Distilled with the attention to quality and craftsmanship that characterizes the Carpano brand, the drier taste is achieved thanks to a lower sugar content compared to other types of vermouth. This new marque from the house of Carpano is bound to intrigue when served on its own or mixed in a variety of classic cocktails.

Carpano Bianco is a new vermouth that takes its inspiration from its illustrious history but turns to new sources in the sunnier climates of Sicily and Romagna for its wine. The brand’s secret recipe, while true to its founder’s vision, produces a sumptuous spirit that represents an exciting new step in the evolution of vermouth. The result is perfect for today’s adventuresome consumers.


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Tasting Notes

Carpano Dry is a clear colored vermouth, yet vibrant and bright like platinum. And just like platinum, Carpano Dry maintains its characteristics over time, thanks to the distinctive ingredients in its recipe and the quality of the Fratelli Branca Distillerie production processes.

NOSE: Characterized by a balanced and well-structured, yet not overwhelming richness of scents: candied fruit, spices, coriander, incense, lemon essential oil
PALATE: It is the "winey", slightly acidic taste of the vermouth that comes through initially
FINISH: An interesting fresh, balsamic note which lingers as an aftertaste: citrus fruits and green apple

Serving Suggestions



1 part MALFY Gin Originale
½ part Crystal Head
½ part Carpano Dry

Pour MALFY Gin Originale, Crystal Head and Carpano Dry in a chilled cocktail glass. Stir. Garnish with lemon peel.

Tasting Notes

NOSE: Fresh and complex
PALATE: Smooth and velvety winey notes, in addition to citrusy and exotic fruit flavors
FINISH: Fresh cocoa beans and almonds complete the bouquet of this delicious vermouth

Serving Suggestions

Ideal served cold, straight, on the rocks with a slice of grapefruit.


Bianco Spritz

2 parts Sparkling Wine
1 ½ parts Carpano Bianco
2 drops of Orange Bitters
Tonic or Soda Water

Pour Carpano Bianco and sparkling wine into a chilled cocktail glass. Add 2 drops of orange bitters. Top with tonic or soda water. Garnish with an orange peel.


San Francisco World Spirit Competition Double Gold 2016


San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2016


Beverage Testing Institute 2015