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During the Mexican Revolution, José Doroteo Arango (better known as Pancho Villa) was the leader of the Northern forces and gained fame for defending the people from the abuses of tyrants.  In the agave fields, the workers were very grateful to Arango for helping to oust a group of local aggressors. To honor his efforts, the Master Tequilero created an authentic tequila using an artisanal recipe and put it into a hand-crafted bottle. Arango was so pleased with this gift that he asked the Tequilero to put his family’s name on it.  This artisinal, premium tequila is still handcrafted and bottled by hand. To this day, we celebrate Los Arango as a true symbol of Mexico – A Revolutionary Spirit.

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Tasting Notes

NOSE: Rich toasted agave aromas with fresh green herbs
PALATE: Soft and smooth
FINISH: Clean and fresh

Tasting Notes

Made from 100% Blue Weber Agave and aged 6 months in American oak barrels.

NOSE: White pepper, cooked agave, and caramel aromas with fresh lemon notes
PALATE: Silky and elegant with pepper, sweet cooked agave, and honey notes
FINISH: A medium-long, dry and delicate finish with lingering pepper and honey notes mixed with mild oak aroma and hints of lemon

Tasting Notes

Made from 100% Blue Weber Agave and aged for 13 months in American oak barrels that are burnt inside to give the tequila a smoky flavor. This tequila exemplifies the skills of the Master Tequileros.

NOSE: Aromas of caramel, spice and oak
PALATE: Rich with vanilla, salt and green pepper flavors
FINISH: Long, rich and spicy