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It’s thought that in the 11th-century, Italian monks mixed juniper berries and cuttings with other locally sourced ingredients to make their own homemade spirit. Juniper has long been used medicinally, and the trees are native to (and flourish across) Italy.

MALFY® Gin is Italian to the core. It was created at the family run distillery in Moncalieri, Italy, by the Vergnano family. MALFY Gin is infused with Italian juniper and 5 botanicals, including sfusato lemons from the Amalfi Coast. Distilled by master distillers, Beppe Ronco and Denis Muni, at Torino Distillati located in Moncalieri within the Piedmont Region of North West Italy. MALFY Gin is delicately bottled with Italian glass, staying true to its Italian heritage.


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Tasting Notes

A delightful, classic gin with an Italian twist, made with Italian botanicals and sfusato lemons from the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

NOSE: Luscious lemon zest, followed by piney juniper, anise, grapefruit, and orange
PALATE: Fresh, zesty citrus with a trace of juniper and spices
FINISH: Smooth and flavorful

Serving Suggestions


Gin Tonic Italiano

2 parts MALFY Gin Con Limone
6 parts Premium Tonic Water
4-5 Lemon Peels

Fill a gin tonic glass with lemon peels. Top with ice. Pour MALFY® Gin Con Limone into the glass and mix with lemon peel. Top with premium tonic water and garnish with a lemon slice.

Tasting Notes

A classic, crisp, clean, dry gin with an Italian twist, made with Italian botanicals and blended with pure water from Monviso Mountain to give an incredible purity of flavor.

NOSE: Classic, herbal, juniper with a light citrus and anise note.
PALATE: Juniper of course….but each botanical plays its part. The coriander exacerbates the citrus, and the cassia bark helps counter some of the tannins, helping with an overall rounding. The Orris and Angelica produce a woody musk, which is balanced by the zing of the citrus peel.
FINISH: Smooth, long, and lingering.

Serving Suggestions


Italian Negroni

1 part MALFY Gin Originale
1 part Carpano Antica Formula
1 part Bitters
1 slice Lemon or Orange

Mix equal parts MALFY Gin Originale, Carpano Antica Formula, and bitters into a small cocktail jug filled with ice. Stir, strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with a slice of lemon or orange.