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Rives history dates back to 1880 when the company was established by Don Augusto Haupold, German Consul in south of Spain and visionary entrepreneur. He soon built a distillery, specializing in the production and distribution of distilled spirits, liqueurs and non-alcoholic concentrates. Rives has been a 100% Spanish owned family business for more than 130 years.

We use the most traditional and artisanal process in our production in order to achieve the best quality. Unique 30m high column stills rectify the alcohol and reduce any further impurities; one of the highest distilleries in Europe. Two large hundred year old copper pot stills are used for the distillation of the botanicals together with the purest rectified alcohol and water. The resulting distillation (after boiling the alcohol together with the botanics and water) is called the alcoholato, obtained drop by drop. The Master Distiller throws away both the ‘heads’ and ‘tails’ of the distillate, selecting only the ‘heart’ (middle body), right at the point when the taste and the botanical concentrates are optimum. The resulting distillate is left to settle for 24 hours, thus allowing the botanicals’ essentials oils to blend perfectly with the product.


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Rives 1880 Gin

RIVES 1880 is a premium artisanal Gin handcrafted in small batches using our original slow distillation method, which distinguishes its clean dry taste. No artificial flavors or colors are added during the production process. Our unique John Dore copper column stills, reaching nearly 100 feet tall, deliver an extra dry gin with remarkable character.

NOSE: The nose is smooth, clean, subtle and elegant
PALATE: The palate reveals a multitude of nuances
FINISH: Aromatic with a fresh citrus finish

Serving Suggestions


The Spanish Gin & Tonic

1 ½ oz. Rives 1880 Gin
7 oz. Tonic Water
Lemon Twist or Orange Twist for Garnish

Fill the glass with ice cubes, add Rives 1880 Gin, Pour tonic water, garnish with lemon or orange twist and enjoy.

Rives Pink Gin

Rives Pink is triple distilled using our Original Premium Gin recipe. Rives Pink is distilled directly from Juniper Berries and nine other seeds in our unique John Dore copper column stills designed over a century ago. Rives Pink Strawberry Flavored Gin is made with the best local strawberries, and natural Columbus botanicals. Our spirit making traditions deliver an authentic Gin with remarkable character.

NOSE: Aromatic and rich in nuances
PALATE: The palate reveals a multitude of nuances
FINISH: Aromatic with hints of strawberry

The Pink Gin & Tonic


The Pink Gin & Tonic

1 ½ oz. Rives Pink Gin
7 oz. Tonic Water or Lemon Lime Soda
Strawberries for Garnish

Fill the glass with ice cubes, add Rives Pink Gin, Pour tonic water or lemon lime soda, garnish with strawberries and enjoy.