About The Brand

Los Arango tequila was originally crafted as a gift to Pancho Villa from his people after defeating the ruling class in the Mexican Revolution. Born José Doroteo Arango, he awarded it with the name of his family. Today, we continue to honor this very important moment in Mexican history with handcrafted, luxury tequila made from 100% blue weber agave harvested just steps away from the Hacienda Corralejo in Guanajato, Mexico where it’s fired in clay ovens and fermented with a specialty yeast strain.

It is then distilled, bottled in blown glass, and hand finished with premium leather, metal, and wood accents all onsite at the Hacienda. Whether it’s blanco for a specialty margarita, reposado over ice, or añejo sipped neat, we raise a glass to the moments in life that are worth savoring.

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