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San Dionisio Ocotepec lies 65 km from Oaxaca, the capital city, in the Central Valleys, a region with an unequaled agricultural wealth. We are inspired to bring to the world the mezcal produced by families with more than four generations of experience. Cerro de la Cruz is a natural source of water located in San Dionisio Ocotepec, from which we collect water for our production process.

Welcome to the world of the adventurers, the born explorers, the all-terrain travelers, the beings that are free by nature, the restless minds, the protagonists of the stories, the unreachable warriors, and the dream conquerors.

Those who share, inspire, transcend; those who build bridges not borders; those open to new experiences and those who enjoy life to the fullest; but above all, those who leave a mark wherever they go.

Perro de San Juan may literally translate to “St. John’s Dog” but with the Oaxacan locals, this saying refers to “a dog who is free to travel or roam.”

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