The original peanut butter whiskey that embraces everybody’s nutty side. Skrewball’s iconic mix of both sweet and savory flavors definitely pushes boundaries, but that’s exactly what makes it uniquely appropriate for any occasion.


Peanut butter… and whiskey? It was a bold decision to put a peanut butter and whiskey cocktail on our bar’s menu in Ocean Beach, but it was such a hit that we couldn’t keep this unlikely duo to ourselves. And like most people with a bit of a nutty side, we’re used to making bold decisions. As a husband and wife team of a peanut butter loving Cambodian immigrant-turned-bartender and a cocktail loving chemist-turned-whiskey visionary, we’ve found that it’s always better to release your inner Skrewball than to play it safe.

We didn’t just create peanut butter whiskey – we perfected it. Made with both drinkers and bartenders in mind, Skrewball is of course delicious as a shot. But like anyone with a few skrews loose, we really come alive with a cocktail. Download printable sell sheet.