Templeton FORTITUDE Bourbon Cements Templeton’s Legacy in American Whiskey.

TEMPLETON, IOWA (March 28, 2024) – Today, Templeton, the legendary American Whiskey Distillery, declares the debut of its inaugural Templeton FORTITUDE Bourbon, scheduled to hit shelves nationwide throughout April 2024. This occasion signifies a historic milestone as the hometown-crafted distillery unveils its first bourbon release and maiden distillate from Templeton Distillery, Iowa – a high rye mash bill matured to perfection in premium first-fill American Oak Barrels. Embracing its legacy deeply rooted in the Prohibition era, Templeton has flourished into a nationally recognized name, bringing exceptional craftsmanship to its whiskey.

The launch of Templeton FORTITUDE Bourbon marks Templeton’s pivotal evolution from independent bottler to distiller. The 92-proof / 46% ABV, natural, non-chill filtered bourbon delivers a distinctive flavor profile bursting with complexity through a unique mash bill consisting of 55% corn, 40% rye, and 5% malted barley. It’s born from locally sourced corn and meticulously cultivated in collaboration with local farms within 15 miles of the distillery. Crafted with unyielding determination and FORTITUDE, our Straight Bourbon pays homage to the strength of spirit of the 352 residents of Templeton, Iowa.

“It’s thrilling to be part of this historic moment for the Templeton Distillery and the incredible community of Templeton, Iowa,” said Shane Fitzharris, Senior Vice President of Commercial at Infinium Spirits. “We are very excited to bring our distillery’s inaugural distillate to the world and showcase the innovation and craft that we have at Templeton Distillery through this fantastic Bourbon release.”

Templeton FORTITUDE Bourbon’s aroma combines delicate floral and grassy notes, accompanied by hints of spice, black pepper, sweet Vanilla, and the subtle fruitiness of lemon peels. Rich, full flavors of rye and spice are harmoniously blended with butterscotch and wonderful zesty citrus, followed by an enduring warm finish of spicy oak notes and caramel popcorn.

Templeton Distillery, located on 20 acres in Templeton, Iowa, has the capacity to distill all styles of American Whiskey and an annual production exceeding 3 million bottles. This iconic establishment has become a cornerstone of the community. The 34,500 sq ft world-class distillery employs 30 locals and is a testament to the town’s values, embodying a strong sense of community. Beyond its role as a distillery, Templeton’s facility also serves as a visitor center and museum with a bottling plant facility on site and two 54,000 sq. ft maturation and barrel warehouses.

The award-winning Templeton FORTITUDE Bourbon will retail for $39.99, available nationwide and in select international markets. Please check www.templetondistillery.com for your local retailers and to learn more about the Templeton Distillery.

Product and Distillery Imagery can be downloaded here. Photo Credit: Templeton Rye

About Templeton Rye

Templeton Rye Whiskey tracks back to the early 1920s when residents of the small town of Templeton, Iowa distilled a much sought-after rye whiskey. That bootlegging enterprise, forced underground during the Prohibition era, flourished, and the famous “Templeton Rye” became legendary. Re-introduced in 2006, the current Templeton Rye whiskey portfolio, inclusive of a 4 Year Old, 6 Year Old, 10 Year Single Barrel, and limited Cask Finish releases remains inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of the original bootleggers. Over the coming years, Templeton will continue to play in both the independent bottler and the distilling world by releasing exciting additions from both its extensive sourced barrel stocks and owned distillate out of Templeton Distillery. Templeton’s whiskey portfolio is now exported to 75 international markets outside of North America. Learn more about Templeton Distillery by visiting www.templetondistillery.com or follow us on Facebook at @TempletonDistillery, X at @TempletonDist, and Instagram at @TempletonDistillery.

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Established in 2005 and based out of San Diego, California, Infinium Spirits is a family-owned global premium spirits supplier. Infinium specializes in building a diverse and distinctive portfolio of award-winning spirit brands including Templeton Rye; Seagram’s Vodka; Corralejo TequilaZaya Rum; Torres Brandy; Tears of Llorona Tequila; Los Arango Tequila; Magdala Orange Liqueur; Rives Gin; Perro San Juan Mezcal and El Gobernador Pisco.

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